The Original Glove Guard® clip with Dual Large Ends
The Original Glove Guard® clip with Dual Large Ends

Glove Guard® Clip with Dual Large Ends

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Made and assembled in the U.S.A.


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Non-Conductive and Non-Corrosive

The Glove Guard® clip is available with dual large ends instead of the original design with large end and small end clips. This variation has proven to be useful in differing applications, the clip is easier to open and less fatiguing for those who repeatedly attach and remove their gloves. The Glove Guard® clips are the original glove clips and the only ones with a redundant safety breakaway and a proven record of reducing glove loss and hand injuries.  For over 15 years the Glove Guard® clip has proved that its implementation can drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed. To use, simply clip one end around your belt loop or directly to your clothing and clip the other end to your gloves.

Return On Investment -- ROI

1. The Use of the Glove Guard® products reduces direct and indirect costs associated with hand injuries. If personal protective equipment is available, it will be used.

2. Use of the Glove Guard® products reduces glove replacement costs and the costs associated with environmental clean-up. The safety breakaway also provides a level of reduced liability.

3. Use of the Glove Guard® products along with a company's safety program incentive combines the dollars spent with tools that actually help accomplish the safety goals.

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