Simply attach the Handi Klip® glove clip to your belt loop and the other end to your gloves.
Simply attach the Handi Klip® glove clip to your belt loop and the other end to your gloves.

Handi Klip® glove clip

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Made and assembled in the U.S.A.


Standard Safety Slogans


Available in Metal Detectable Plastic


Non-Conductive adn Non-Corrosive

The Handi Klip® provides a solution to the important question: What do you do with your gloves while you are NOT wearing them? Keeping up with gloves when they are not in use is the issue. How do you keep your gloves handy so that you have them when you need them? The Handi Klip® uses a ball and socket joint that allows both ends to rotate freely and features oversized jaws to fit even the largest gloves. As it has a higher breaking point than the Glove Guard® and no center strap, the Handi Klip® is useful in environments where a breakaway is not as important or debris is hazardous, such as airport runways. Designed primarily for the firefighting industry, the Handi Klip® holds up to the brief flash temperatures of a fire without coming apart or melting.

The Handi Klip® can be used in many ways. Keep up with your gloves while gardening, fishing, hunting, golfing... or wherever you use gloves. The Handi Klip® is a great way to keep up with your kids' winter gloves and hats!  And there's nothing that says you have to use the new Handi Klip® to hold just gloves. You can use it for practically anything you want to clip together. Just like the name indicates, it is a very handy little clip.  The Handi Klip® and the Glove Guard® clip are high grade engineered plastic. They are not wimpy little plastic clips, but quality clips that can be used for extended amounts of time in various environments for many different uses.

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