Metal Detectable Glove Guard® clip
Metal Detectable Glove Guard® clip

Metal Detectable glove clips

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Made and assembled in the U.S.A.


Standard Safety Slogans


Metal Detectable Plastic for food safety



Metal detectable glove clips were designed for the food industry to not only help prevent dropped objects, but also signal metal detectors in food processing to prevent them from becoming harmful foreign objects themselves.  Compliant with FDA requirements, they are embedded with metal shavings throughout the entire clip, including the safety breakaway.

Because these clips are made with metal shavings they are slightly conductive and should be used with caution when working around electricity.

Available in Glove Guard®, Utility Guard® or Handi Klip®


The main question is: what do you do with your gloves while you are NOT wearing them?

Keeping up with gloves when they are not in use is the issue. How do you keep your gloves with you so that you have them when you need them? The original Glove Guard® clip provides a solution to this problem.

Glove Guard® clips are the original glove clips and the only ones with a redundant safety breakaway and a proven record of reducing glove loss and hand injuries.  For over 15 years the Glove Guard clip has proved that its implementation can drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed. To use, simply clip the small end around your belt loop or directly to your clothing and clip the large end to your gloves. The Utility Guard® glove clip features the same safety features and robust design as the Glove Guard® clip but uses a belt clip instead of a small clamp to attach to the user. To use, slip the belt clip over your belt, thick waistband or pocket while the large clamp attaches to your gloves, towel or earmuffs.

The Handi Klip® uses a ball and socket joint that allows both ends to rotate freely and features oversized jaws to fit even the largest gloves. As it has a higher breaking point than the Glove Guard® and no center strap, the Handi Klip® is useful in environments where a breakaway is not as important or debris is hazardous, such as airport runways. Designed primarily for the firefighting industry, the Handi Klip® holds up to the brief flash temperatures of a fire without coming apart or melting.

Return On Investment -- ROI

1. Using the Glove Guard® products reduces direct and indirect costs associated with hand injuries. If personal protective equipment is available, it will be used.

2. Use of the Glove Guard® products reduces glove replacement costs and the costs associated with environmental clean-up. The safety breakaway also provides a level of reduced liability.

3. Use of the Glove Guard® products along with a company's safety program incentive combines the dollars spent with tools that actually help accomplish the safety goals.

The Glove Guard® clip is versatile in its use. Anywhere you use gloves, the Glove Guard® is incredibly handy: Gardening, keeping up with winter gloves, sporting gloves and accessories. You don't have to use the Glove Guard® clip to keep just gloves handy. You can also use the Glove Guard® clip to keep up with towels, earmuffs, and other PPE equipment. It is useful in a multitude of applications. 

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